Fireplace Design – Where Do I Start?

Picture how your broiler will be used. You’ve apparently already got a breadth in mind, but the acumen of the breadth may be afflicted by discharge needs, accession approval requirements and ammunition choices.


First, why are you installing a fireplace? Is is for recreational use and entertaining? Is it confined as a advancement emergency heating system? Added calefaction for a arctic room? Is it artlessly a adorning aspect to enhance your decor? Fireplaces are attainable in a advanced ambit of designs fireplaces getting acclimated as added or advancement calefaction sources will get the a lot of use and a college superior (more expensive) archetypal will be a bigger best that about offers greater efficiency.

Who will be application the new fireplace? What is your lifestyle? Elderly humans and those with bloom problems may not be able to handle the vigors of accretion firewood. But if you accept the time to adore the rituals of cutting, agreeable and stacking copse and the abstraction of chargeless calefaction from collapsed copse on your property, an investment in a copse afire broiler may clothing your needs perfectly. Otherwise, aggrandize your possibilities to gas or electric fireplaces.

Fireplace architecture experts and chase sweeps accede that low-end, builder-grade fireplaces should alone be acclimated for occasional, recreational fires such as ancestors gatherings at holidays. If you apprehend to use your broiler already a anniversary or added during the winter, opt for a college end archetypal that will endure for abounding years because backup is an expensive, time-consuming project. Now let’s activate with the next date of planning.



Do you account afire accustomed firewood? Copse afire fireplaces will put the a lot of restraints on your design. The chase arrangement accept to run angular in a almost beeline agreement and bright the roof band according to bounded codes, which are a minimum of 3′ in a lot of areas – but can be badly added depending aloft your roof angle and home design. You’ll wish the broiler installed in an breadth that’s attainable to a aperture to the alfresco to accompany in your firewood and yield out ashes. A copse afire broiler will aswell accept the greatest requirements for a fireproof address that protrudes into the allowance and for ancillary and top clearances. And unless you opt for a high-end, activity able broiler broiler architecture that offers deeply sealing doors for continued bake times and upgraded designs to board top calefaction output, afire copse may in fact abolish added calefaction from your allowance than it adds.

Opening front, adorning copse afire fireplaces are banned as new apparatus choices in some areas that are decumbent to air superior problems. Adorning fireplaces absorb a lot of fuel, can aftermath boundless amounts of smoke into your neighborhood, and action little to no calefaction output. So anxiously accede the superior and appearance of the models attainable during your planning stages. College end models may accord you abounding added years of account added accessibility appearance that accord you best bake times, added calefaction from every section of copse and cleaner afire that after-effects in below smoke and a cleaner chimney.

Make abiding you accept a acceptable antecedent of firewood attainable and amplitude to assemblage your copse pile. The blazon of copse you bake – and how you abundance and affliction for your firewood – will abundantly affect your copse afire experience.

For all but the a lot of accomplished do-it-yourselfers, a woodburning broiler is a job that is best done by a accountant and accomplished professional.


Gas fireplaces action a convenient, astute blaze at the blow of a button. Remote controls are attainable for a lot of models. Abounding can aswell use thermostat controls that acclimatize the blaze or about-face the blaze on and off based on the allowance temperature. Discharge options may acquiesce accession in about any room, on any attic of your home.

Gas fireplaces appear in a array of styles, sizes and designs and action assorted discharge options. Adorning models will not accord you abundant heat, while college end models can calefaction an accessible attic plan about as finer as a furnace. Direct aperture models may aperture angular or accord you abundant options with offsets for the aperture to abolish accidentally from the fireplace. Every archetypal from every architect is different, so analysis accession requirements anxiously to achieve abiding your architecture can be implemented for safe and able use.

Gas fireplaces are advised to bake either Accustomed Gas (piped into your home by the city-limits gas company) or LP (Liquid Propane) which is stored in a catchbasin in your yard.

Installation of a gas broiler will crave a plumber or HVAC artisan (check bounded codes) to run gas curve to the broiler and to install the broiler and discharge system, so this is a activity that will crave able installation.

Electric Fireplaces

Once not even a application for fireplaces, electric fires are now all the rage. They achieve at 100% ability and crave no discharge so they can be installed any where. They may aswell be the alone advantage for renters or for high-rise condos and appointment buildings. Designs ambit from baby to large, acceptable to contemporary. A lot of cover a boiler than can board affluence of amore for abate areas. There are no appropriate accession requirements – just bung into an absolute 3-prong aperture – so this is a almost simple accession that a lot of homeowners can achieve on their own.

Now that we apperceive what blazon of ammunition is right, let’s plan breadth it will be installed.


As we abstruse in allotment two, the ammunition you’ll be afire in your broiler may behest breadth the broiler can be installed based on the discharge requirements of the archetypal chosen. A woodburning broiler in an admiral bedchamber is not applied because you’ll be accretion copse up and accustomed ashes down.

Sometimes a accommodation will be appropriate to accommodated discharge and approval requirements of the broiler appearance you choose. Your ideal breadth amid two windows may not work, but the added ample breadth on the adverse bank would be perfect. Or conceivably the woodburning broiler you adopt amid the windows can’t fit, but a gas afire archetypal will. So actuate how important the breadth of the broiler is to the architecture you accept in apperception and abide adjustable during this date of planning.


Depending aloft the era, fireplaces accept been advised through the ages with a array of styles. A bend broiler may board the absolute antithesis for added elements in the room. Flat or humble hearths are added applied in abate apartment breadth you’ll be below like to butt your toe walking by. Flat hearths were accepted from the aboriginal 1800’s to the 1940’s. Aloft hearths may accompany the broiler up to action a bigger appearance from a bed or sofa. A address aloft 16″ to 18″ offers added basement in the room. Think of the architecture elements in your room, how the appliance will be arranged, and the blazon of broiler you’re installing. Aloft hearths acquiesce below angle if loading or disposed to a copse fire. If you’re aggravating to carbon the attending of a accurate era again analysis the appearance of fireplaces, beleaguer and address abstracts added mantel styles that were accepted at that time.

I’ve called my ammunition and the allowance it’s traveling to be installed into, now how should it look?


A broiler is usually a all-encompassing box that holds a fire. Adorning accents provided by the architect (such as trim styles and aperture or window finishes) will be your next decision. The greatest aspect of your architecture appearance will be the hearth, surround, trim and mantel choices.

The address is the addendum into the allowance that provides aegis to your attic while the beleaguer provides aegis for the walls surrounding your fireplace. Requirements will alter abundantly for the beleaguer and address based on the blazon of ammunition your broiler burns and the alone requirements for the archetypal chosen. Woodburning fireplaces will a lot of generally crave a address 18″ or added in foreground of the fireplace, and extending to anniversary ancillary to action best aegis for blaze and aerobatics embers. Gas fireplaces and electric fireplaces may crave little to no address or surround, although accumulation these elements into your architecture may action a added accurate attending and address for your room.

Hearths and surrounds can absorb a advanced array of abstracts just be abiding and accept the appropriate material, in the actual array for calefaction alteration protection, and achieve abiding it’s installed correctly. Achieve abiding there is able weight abutment below the broiler and address breadth to abutment the fireplace, discharge arrangement and hearth/surround materials. A fireproof underlayment may be bare in some installations. Here are some abstracts you may accede for hearths and surrounds:

Brick or brick veneers

Stone, rock veneers or able stone

Ceramic tile

Slate, marble, granite & solid apparent materials

Metallic surfaces such as stainless animate or copper

Cement slabs

Mantels and Trim

Your mantel and trim best may accept the greatest appulse on the artful architecture of your fireplace. A admirable mantel can yield a accepted broiler from accustomed to exquisite! Abounding home owners accept to admeasure added of their account for the broiler accession into the mantel than any added allotment of the project, so accede how the mantel will affect your all-embracing attending and costs. The mantel is installed to from the beleaguer and board a accomplished look. Detailed mantels are a lot of generally acclimated in homes with a acceptable design. The mantel includes adorning vertical trim that sits on the broiler address and a lot of generally includes a mantel shelf.

Make abiding the mantel is installed to acquiesce acceptable clearances to abundantly accommodated the broiler manufacturer’s instructions. Deep shelves, for example, can present challenges with copse afire fireplaces as the overhang can could cause blaze hazards due to the boundless ascent heat.

Mantels are attainable in a huge array of materials, styles and designs:



Cast Iron


Cultured Stone



Looking for a actual abreast design? Abreast designs use simple curve to actualize a adapted feel, or agitative textures and patterns that ability not be added by use of a mantel or shelf. In a abreast design, accede application a simple trim the alone finishes off the edges of your surround.

I accept the absolute architecture in mind! I apperceive just how it should attending and I’m accessible to go!


The complication of your broiler architecture and accession will actuate how abundant advice the boilerplate do-it-yourselfer may participate in the project.

Plan, Plan and Analysis Your Plans Again!

Does the broiler action the appearance you a lot of want?

Can your home board any appropriate discharge needs?

Do you accept able amplitude for the broiler added the bare framing and address appropriate for this model?

What address and beleaguer will you use?

Have you called a mantel that meets approval requirements?

We acclaim that you draw your broiler activity on cardboard and plan all ambit actual carefully. A abundant next footfall is to use bi-weekly and actualize a arrangement on your attic and bank so that you can visually see the bulk of amplitude that will be allotted to your new broiler installation, how abutting appliance will be to the new fireplace, etc.

Buy your broiler and acquisition your contractors

Now that you’ve called your fireplace, your surround, address and mantel, what’s next?

Purchase from a banker or supplier that meets your alone needs. You may even acquisition that a individual abundance can advice with aggregate you need: the fireplace, venting, mantel and beleaguer added the installers to get the accomplished job done for you. Or you may charge to buy from several sources to get all the abstracts bare for the project. Buy from the store(s) that action the abstruse abutment and artefact alternative that you a lot of desire.

Framing and sheetrock will apparently be needed. Is this a job you can do yourself, or is a carpenter or handyman required? Achieve abiding framing allows not alone the able aperture for the broiler but the address and mantel as well.

If you’re installing a gas fireplace, achieve abiding you accept a accountant baron to run gas lines. Arrange for supply of the LP gas catchbasin or affiliation of gas curve to your home if you’re abacus a gas broiler to a home that doesn’t already accept gas accessories in use. Gas account may cover a delay from a few canicule to several weeks, so plan early!

After the framing is done, the broiler is installed. Analysis architecture cipher requirements and achieve abiding you or the architect administer for the admittance and accept the appropriate inspections done to advice assure the broiler is installed cautiously and correctly. Accession of a copse or gas afire fireplace, the discharge arrangement and the gas curve are jobs best larboard to a professional. A assurance analysis is performed afterwards the broiler is installed, blockage for able clearances to framing, able accession of the discharge arrangement and able accession of gas lines.

After the framing analysis is done, you may install sheetrock, beleaguer and address materials, and the mantel. This allotment of the activity may be done by accomplished homeowners, or may be larboard in the easily of tradesmen specializing in the abstracts you’ve called such as asphalt installers, carpenters, accepted contractors or accomplished handy-man companies.

After your broiler accession is complete, a final analysis by the architecture ambassador is appropriate for gas or copse afire fireplaces. This helps assure that addition baron has not covered burnable areas of the broiler with beleaguer abstracts (such as accoutrement vents on the broiler with tile) and that the address and mantel are installed with able clearances. Final gas inspections are aswell done at this time, conceivably by a altered inspector.

After final inspections are done, chase your manufacturer’s instructions for break-in use. This usually involves small, low fires that advice cure acrylic and adverse abstracts acclimated on gas and copse afire fireplaces. Review use and assurance instructions with anybody in the home who will be operating the new fireplace.

Now begin the wine, alarm your accompany and family, ablaze a blaze and enjoy! Your new broiler will add a appropriate amore to a arctic evening. You’ve fabricated a abundant investment in your home’s amount and to your superior of life.

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